Katy Abby - Matron of Honor - Katy is Lily’s cousin and their love started when Lily was born and Katy got to hold her! Their cousinship of patience (mostly on Katy’s side) soon turned into friendship and Lily is lucky every day to have someone like Katy in her life.

Kat King - Lily and Kat met in 2012 when they worked together at a failing sushi restaurant/nightclub. Lily kept coming to hang out at Kat’s hostess station, and Kat thought she was weird. Soon enough, she gave in to Lily’s charms and they’ve been the best pals since.

Caitie Auld - Lily and Caitie met through theater and to this day, Lily gets starry-eyed over Caitie’s sketch comedy talents, ability to be one of the most empowering female friends in existence, and they constantly bond over being dog moms.

Abby Stoick - Abby is Nick’s sister and she and Lily are both VERY EXCITED to finally have a sister. They share common interests such as trash TV, a good brunch cocktail, and making fun of Nick.

Jenna Anderson - Jenna and Lily met at the University of Evansville and while not immediately enamored with each other, Lily spent time around Jenna by proxy of roommate. Quickly Jenna became one of Lily’s very best friends and one of the reasons Indiana stayed tolerable.

Jennifer Finch -  Lily and Jennifer were an INSTANT love at first sight situation and spent most of their time freshmen year of college running back and forth between their dorm rooms, three doors apart, taking real embarrassing pictures. Lily also attributes surviving life in Indiana to Jennifer’s support and love.


Sean Galloway - Best Man - Sean and Nick met at age 2 at the Learning Garden pre-school. Nick and Sean enjoy skiing irresponsibly together and battling it out on their Nintendo Switches. Sean’s wedding will go down in history as one of the only times anyone has ever seen Nick drool-cry.

Jatin Gandhi - Nick and Jatin met in college at the University of Montana. Nick’s first memory of Jatin was being welcomed into the Gandhi household for the best Indian food he’s ever had. Nick lived with Jatin for the remainder of college and they’ve been great friends since - Jatin takes great pleasure in Nick’s screw ups.

Marshall Yin - Nick and Marshall went to the same middle school but didn’t become good friends until college, when Nick left Phoenix, discovered Marshall and Sean had become close friends, and decided he liked Marshall, too. Marshall and Nick enjoy bickering and athletic competitions via AppleWatch.

Ryan Malerk - Ryan’s first memory of Nick is when he base jumped out of a dorm room window before a Griz game. He knew immediately that he needed to be Nick’s friend. Nick and Ryan have remained close friends since then and enjoy participating in poker tournaments.